Thursday, February 16, 2012


Sharing this, because I like the lighting and the

mood in this picture of Lonnie.

Something soft and comforting about it.

Lonnie likes to lie on the bed and keep vigil for any

cats who should dare go by the windows.

When they are bold enough to go by, he raises quite

the ruckus

and then Cleopatra climbs up her little stairs to join him

in scaring off the felines with their ferocious barking.


The weekend is fast approaching…..I’m looking forward to it…

I’m going to be on vacation….or should I say, stay-cation.

Anything planned? Hmmm, not really, but I do hope to

COMPLETELY finish the big runner that I’ve been working on

this past year, perhaps make a trip to Pottery Barn and of course

head up to Lenexa, KS for the big hook-in!


  1. Oh for sweetness! Lonnie looks like he's on High Alert as we call that pose around here!
    Enjoy the days off!
    Cathy G

  2. Oh our girls would love to live with you. We don't allow them on our furniture....they truly give the hound smell it's name. Not sure how to remedy that! That's a great picture though, Lonnie looks very comfortable. Have a great stay~cation!

  3. Not going to Sarasota this year? Since we just got home, I can't turn around and go back ~ I'm sure they'll have great fun!!! And you will, too, in Lenexa! I would love to go to that one, sometime, too!

  4. Tammy ~
    Great pic of Lonnie!
    Hope you get lots done on your stay-cation and finish your rug. Woo hoo! What a wonderful rug.
    Have fun at the hook-in and take LOTS of pics to share!
    Hugs :)