Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A good day

Had a wonderful day yesterday with my husband and our friend Steve

tooling around Rogers, Arkansas.

So much fun, that I forgot to take nary a picture.  But that’s okay, because

I can scour the net and find pictures of most of what we did……

yes, it was a big CHAIN day….

Lunch at P.F. Changs

bloody Mary

lettuce wraps

Buddah’s feast

We had to get fueled up before we went to

Pottery Barn….and the cocktail never hurts to loosen up

the purse strings…..

“Why be a pauper, when for a 1/2 pint you can be a prince?!”

We were hoping that they would have these seagrass

chairs at the store, so we could check them out…

We have a pine table and thought they would look

good with it, but they didn’t have any of the chairs at the store.

However, they did have some stools that we were able

to look at and sit on to get an idea if this is what we

really want.

The chairs we have now are totally fine and in great shape….I

guess everyone’s tastes just change and evolve.

(current chairs)

However, we didn’t leave empty-handed….we picked up

this lampshade for a lamp in our den….

….even better, used my Discover Card points, so it was


Then we headed on to Williams-Sonoma…..love browsing

in that store!

Here we got a new Easter platter

and some of this great smelling Pink Grapefruit

kitchen countertop


We popped into various other stores and browsed around.

I was able to hold myself back at Dillard’s….they were

having a shoe sale, but honestly, I didn’t find anything I couldn’t

live without.

However, in another shoe store they had Timberland and Frye boots.  I saw this pair

and loved them, but I’ve had a bit of a boot fetish this year and decided I probably

didn’t need another pair….at least not on THIS trip.

We left the Promenade shops and headed on to find TJMaxx.

Even though we have a TJMaxx here in Springfield, they always have different stuff.

I picked up two pairs of jeans (Paige and Joe’s….which I’ve NEVER seen at our TJMAXX) and by this time we are getting hungry yet again….ahhh

the food.

We ate at Acambaro….I had fish tacos….Kenny and Steve both ordered some type of platters, that when they came out, I decided we could have ordered one of what they had and ALL have eaten and gone home full!

Today I’m hooking….HAVE to finish that rug in time for Lenexa!


  1. Love the saying about the pauper and the prince!! I'll have to adopt that one!! Sounds like a fun day!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day out; what's NOT to like.... eating, drinking,shopping, ahhhh, the good life.