Friday, August 5, 2011

Hooking at the fair

Last weekend I spent Saturday and Sunday demonstrating rug hooking at the Ozarks Empire Fair from 11am-7pm both days.
It’s fun talking to the people walking through the exhibits and sharing something that I love to do.  I got a chance to meet some really great people and I’m always amused that there are so many men who are truly interested in hooking if they could just get to a place where they felt it was “acceptable” for a man to hook.  It seems to me that when men set their mind to something that is looked at as a “woman’s craft” that they can become quite prolific…..just look at Eric Sandberg.

and Kaffe Fassett

However, sometimes while I’m demonstrating I get a bit annoyed with…..”oh yeah, I did that latch hooking stuff when I was a kid”…….my response….”yeah, I did that too when I was a kid, but this is not latch hook”

I was so excited that one of my BFF’s won grand champion of rug hooking….her second year in a row….and I’m proud to say… first student, Ebay Renee!
She did this self portrait with Sharon Townsend as her teacher at a camp in Texas this spring.

Here are more pictures of rugs from the fair this year…..
I can’t say that I always agreed with the judges choices, but on a
different day with different judges perhaps things would have turned out a bit differently.
I try to remind myself that mainly this is about getting rug hooking “out there and exposed”.

This one below is not rug hooked, and was in a different category, but
it’s a cute appliqued book cover….


  1. How cool, I'm so happy Rene won a prize at the fair. I was in that class with Rene this spring and the portait was just great. Sharon Townsend was a wonderful teacher.
    I also noticed Sherri's cat pic won a prize.

  2. It's so great that you are demonstrating at the fair Tammy. Little by little folks will recognize our rug hooking art and gain appreciation! Loved looking at all the great rugs and fun to see our blog buddies winning ribbons! Renee's portrait rug is spectacular....... no wonder considering her teacher!

    Thanks for posting this Tammy!
    Cathy G

  3. You had a great showing of rugs at your fair, that is awesome! Thanks for sharing Tammy!

  4. Wow, what a great rug show from a Fair!!! Love seeing how more and more are entering their pieces. Thanks so much for posting. Really enjoyed it.
    Our little Fair is starting to sprout new rug hookers, and it's wonderful to see them enter their pieces.

  5. what a great showing of rugs! Thanks so much for sharing. Love seeing what you all are creating.
    Lots of soft primitives and fun designs...!