Sunday, August 14, 2011

Against all odds

Against all odds……

Even with all of the hot, dry weather we’ve

experienced this summer…..

the “naked ladies” managed to make

their appearance!

Kenny dug these up from an older home, close to us that my

brother was remodeling to re-sell.  The old gentleman who
owned the house was an AVID gardener and had to be
put in a nursing home.

I just know that he would smile, knowing another
AVID gardener rescued these beauties.


  1. Beautiful! So glad they were saved!

  2. Tammy ~
    Oh, my mom always called these "naked ladies', too. I've also heard them called Resurrection lilies. They are amazing, aren't they? When I left for Chicago a week ago Thursday, they had not yet emerged from the ground. When I got home 3 days later, some were already blooming! I think the only other thing that grows faster is the dandelion.
    Today we are getting some much needed rain. Yippee!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. How wonderful to rescue these flowers. Now they will have a new home!