Monday, June 7, 2010

Where memories are made

As promised, here are more pictures of Kelly’s lake house.  It’s perched amid the beautiful Ozark hills on Indian Point, overlooking Tablerock Lake.

The little girl is Casey…..Kelly and Greg’s daughter…..she’s going to grow up with so many wonderful memories of her days spent at the lake.

Don’t you just love this door?!

I think Casey is going to be our tour guide….I’m sure she’s be happy to hang up your jacket while you look around.

One of the great rugs that Kelly has hooked.

Here’s a picture of the kitchen, minus all the patterns lying on the countertop… much beautiful light coming in here from the windows.  When you open up the pantry door to the left (next to the fridge) the light comes on automatically…..Kelly and Greg have really thought this through.

If Casey is anything like her mom she is going to be an incredible cook!

The great room is my favorite…..those huge windows overlooking the lake….it’s really incredible…..

And who wouldn’t want to just plop down in front of a roaring fire and sit and hook all day and watch it snow outside?! Strand me here….PLEASE!

There’s even a telescope so you can REALLY check out what’s going on in “Wild Man’s Cove”.

A beautiful master bedroom…..

…..and master bath….love the quote…..

This is the sunroom where we sat and hooked…..more windows galore!

So, let’s head on downstairs and see what’s down there….shall we.

Oh look….

It’s a bar…..better wet your whistle while we look at the rest of the house.

Downstairs fireplace….to take the chill off in the colder months.

Downstairs den…..Kelly bought this furniture on craigslist and then found lodgey fabric to recover it with…..yes, she’s THAT crafty!  You can also see the lower decks from this picture.

There’s even a game room…..every lake house needs a game room, don’t you think?  I can see a hooked checkerboard in Kelly’s future.

We had our choice of bedrooms when we stayed this weekend and I couldn’t pass this one up….it’s like a little bunkhouse….so sweet and cozy.

This is the bedroom that Renee choose.  I think we all slept like angels that night.

Sandy chose this room…..I think this is the room that had doors that opened up onto the deck….

Want to pop popcorn and watch a movie……yup, there’s a place for that too…..Greg’s theatre room.

Oh yeah, did I mention…’s on the lake…..great for fishing…..

……and boat rides and making memories…..


  1. What a hardship for you to have to spend the Paradise!! LOL Gorgeous!!

  2. Awesome place to hook. Looks like you had a great time.

  3. WOW. That's all I can say. WOW!

  4. Many thanks to Tammy and Casey for showing us around this gorgeous lake house! ;-) Love everything about it... and the view is so peaceful! Lake living is the life!

  5. WOW! What a beautiful lake home! Nice place to be a guest for sure! Thanks for the photo tour ~ you could create some great rugs in a peaceful place like that!

  6. Tammy,
    Oh My Goodness! I didn't even know Kelly had a lakehouse! It is breath taking, simply beautiful. You are one lucky duck (pun intended!) to spend time hookin' with her and your girliefriends with those views and that space! And even a sleepover! Love it.
    Jeanne L.

  7. Oh wow, what a gorgeous home! Thanks for the tour... I'm green all over now ;-)

  8. Looks like heaven! I just love all the windows overlooking the lake. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Pug hugs :)