Saturday, June 26, 2010

Michael Jackson…..really?!

Last night I went with Sheri of Shabby Sheep to Branson to see a Michael Jackson tribute at “Legends in Concert”.  I swear I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

Another thing that we’ve found that we have in common is “people watching”! OMG and were there some people to watch?!  The show was good, but it was hysterical at how some people acted like they thought the performers were the real thing….I mean, most of the performers were good, but, as my 11-year old niece would say, “seriously”.

The show started off with Little Richard….he was great….I think it’s the EYES that do it…..really incredible that a person can look like, sing like and even play the piano like Little Richard.

We also saw the Blues Brothers….I’m not a huge Blues Brothers fan, but I thought they were REALLY entertaining! The tallest guy was just SO GOOFY….I enjoyed him a LOT and the shorter guy could REALLY sing!

It was kind of odd when Brittney Spears performed…..I thought she was BY FAR the best person in the show….dancing, singing and looked A LOT like Brittney, but I don’t think the “blue hairs” really GOT her…..Sheri said they probably thought she was too vulgar….poor Brittney….at the end of the show when they all came out to take their bows I stood up and gave her a screaming WOO HOO because I felt so bad for her AND that I wanted her to know that there was at least one person in the audience who thought she did a bang up job. Plus, at intermission,  she had the LONGEST line of older men cozy-ing up next to her with their arms around her bare waist wanting their picture taken with her…..ICK!  Can you imagine having to endure that?!

We also got to see Elvis…..he was a petite Elvis and we thought he was the cheesiest one in the bunch, but the crowd went wild for him….go figure :)

There was also Alan Jackson for the country fans….I thought he was pretty good….good voice and good mullet  and ripped jeans.

Finally, they got to Michael Jackson.  Well folks, what can I say….it was a pretty big disappointment….the guy could dance….his dancing and moonwalking were great, but he couldn’t sing all that well and he definitely could not dance AND sing at the same time.  This is where Sheri and I REALLY got tickled….people were screaming like it was the real Michael Jackson….it was really pretty hysterical. They did have a dance troupe of kids from Branson who did a “Thriller” routine with him and I thought they kind of stole the show….they were great…..but Michael, well, yeah, just bad.  We were especially cracked up by how many people plunked down $20 for a picture of themselves with Michael that was shot when they came through the door….but that’s a whole ‘nother story!

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  1. You're the BEST date! I swear my jaws still hurt this morning from laughing so much. It's good for the soul.
    xo, Sheri