Sunday, June 27, 2010

How to hide a door?

We have a door in our entryway and I haven’t really had much “love” for it since we’ve moved in.  It’s an entryway closet, but we store most of our Christmas ornaments in there to keep them out of the hot attic, so hopefully they will last for years to come.  Therefore, we get into the closet twice a year….once to get out the Christmas ornaments and a 2nd time to put them back up.

I thought I could hide it with this mirror that I bought on our anniversary, but it’s just weird walking in the front door and seeing yourself in a full-length mirror.  Feng Shui says it keeps energy from entering your home (the mirror bounces it back out) and Kenny says if a guest arrives and sees their self in the mirror and doesn’t like their hair or outfit or whatever then they will be self-conscious the whole time they are at our home…..not really the vibe you want to set for guests.

I’ve thought of a few other options

A BIG piece of artwork to cover the door

It might be fun to paint something ourselves and we have a great art shop here in town where I’m sure we could purchase a really large canvas and give it a go…..I’ve thought about this ever since I read a post on “collaborative painting” at Kelly Rae Roberts blog.

If that doesn’t work out, another option is finding a piece of art we like or a photograph we’ve taken and having it made into a really large canvas from Gallery Direct.  Right now they are having a 1/2 off sale…..I really like this picture here.

While I was surfing about trying to get ideas I ran across this here….making a door into an “art niche” from DecoraDoors…..I like that idea too……decisions, decisions!

Do you have any ideas for me?


  1. Love the art niche door ~ perfect for your beautiful home!!! Which of course, I only know from blog photos!! But I really do like that idea ~ then you don't have to remove your artwork when you need to get in there!!

  2. I'm with Alice, I love the idea of the niche door. I think a big photo or painting could look like you're trying to hide something, while the door would be a feature all its own. Just my two cents.... :-)

  3. And, another vote for the niche door!!! How clever is that??!!!?!? I don't think I would have ever thunk of that in a million years! LOL!

  4. An inexpensive option would be to Paint the niche on the door! I didn't check the prices on their website, but I'll bet it's a pretty penny. I've emailed you a picture I've always wanted to paint on my door leading to the basement. The door can be your canvas and I've got paint~let me know if you're game!!!
    xo, Sheri

  5. I really like the idea of the door niche. You can change the art work on it for special occasions like Christmas, Halloween , Easter or other special occasion, and store the art piece in the closet in the mean time. I'm sure that what ever you chose Tammy, will look very nice. You have very good taste. JB

  6. Hi Tammy,
    Have you ever thought of hanging a quilt over the door? I have several hanging in my house. They can be changed with the seasons.

  7. So I see that everyone is digging the door idea.....just have to check on cost....that will be one of the deciding factors. I like the quilt idea....very creative, but I don't think my husband will go for that one....honestly, I've THOUGHT of hanging a big rug, but then I'd have to hook it first :)

  8. I think you and Kenny should paint the door together. I have some friends who did that on a wall on Christmas Eve, and it is just so fabulous (I think really because they did it together). I love the way Kenny drew those flowers from your garden. Maybe you could do that or a tree (maybe a sort of abstract tree with lots of wonderful colors .... a place to work in your green!). Both of you definitely have the talent to pull it off!

  9. Rather than covering up the door, paint art on the door itself. I did that in one of my bedrooms and love it! Or if you don't like the idea of painting the door, cover it with an appliqued cloth 'picture'.

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