Saturday, June 19, 2010


So some of us were talking Friday at work…..about Sangria…, I had a few ripe mangoes and tried out this recipe with a few alterations……SOOOOOO good that I’ve made another pitcher tonight.

Light and refreshing!

Mango Raspberry Sangria


1 mango sliced

2 cups raspberries (fresh or frozen)

1 lime sliced

1 bottle of cheap wine :) (I’ve made it with red wine and catawba wine…..the red wine was the best…..I used a Missouri wine that was on sale for $5.96/bottle)

1 can club soda

3 oz brandy

I start out by adding wine and brandy to a pitcher…..

Next add lime….

Sliced mango….


Doesn’t it look pretty?

Oh yeah, don’t forget the club soda for a little fizz!

Now, this is the HARD part…..cover it up (so you don’t lose the fizz) and refrigerate it for 8 hours or overnight…….yeah right….I think last night I made it for 2-3 hours before we broke into it…..but just imagine how much BETTER it could have been if it could have soaked and marinated longer:)

I serve mine in big plastic tumblers with ice….it’s been in the 90’s and it’s so good sipping it and sitting outside on a sultry night…


  1. I'm definitely trying this! Your photos are making me soooooo thirsty! Thanks for the recipe Tammy! A little too warm down there for rug hooking I bet! Haven't had to have the air on here for a few days....but I'm sure that will change soon so I will have to stock up on the ingredients for this recipe! Cathy G

  2. The original recipe calls for Spanish red wine and a little superfine sugar if you want....with all the fruit, I didn't think it needed it. Enjoy the cool weather while you can.

  3. Looks like a recipe to try for sure! Sounds very refreshing!