Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My husband, Kenny, has had this clivia plant, he says, since we’ve lived in our house….about 14 years now and this is the first time it’s bloomed.

What a beautiful flower…..so creamy in the middle and then that bright orange against the dark foliage.

Tonight he’s helping a friend move, so I’m having one of my favorite foods in the world……cashew chicken-take out!

Not THIS kind of cashew chicken below, that most of you are probably familiar with……

I’m having “Springfield-style cashew chicken”…..created here in my hometown…..we’re so famous for it that even the NY Times has written about it HERE.  I think it’s like mother’s milk to Springfield natives and if you ever move away, it’s usually one of the first things you want to have when  you come back to Springfield.  I’m lucky that I have a restaurant close to my house…..like so close that I could walk to it, but I never do because I’d have to cross a really busy street.  But, that’s not bragging, because if you live in Springfield, chances are that you have a Chinese restaurant within walking distance to you to.


  1. I have heard of Springfields Cashew chicken.
    I have an aunt and uncle in Willard and my uncle worked for the newpaper and they talked about it being original to Springfield. It looks wonderful in the picture. I love Chinese. I also have a Chinese adopted granddaughter.

  2. Your plant is spectacular! Must be where you get the inspiration for all your beautiful rugs! That Chicken Cashew doesn't look too shabby either!! Cathy G

  3. Oh that clivia flower is gorgeous!!! I'm so ready for Spring! Cashew chicken.... Mmmmm... Springfield's version even looks better! :-)