Thursday, March 4, 2010

On with the Show

Ahhhh, a day off work!
Up early with my 1/2 pot of chocolate fudge coffee and the dogs sleeping in. I’ve finally caught up on my e-mails from the past couple of days.  Posting additional pictures from the rug show is even more enjoyable for me now, because I don’t have to rush and it’s been a few days since I’ve seen the pictures and it’s even more exciting to look back at them. Once again, if you have any information on these rugs, please leave me a comment or e-mail me from my side bar.
Here we go:

(I have no information on this rug)

(Pattern: ?, Designer:?, Hooked by: Anne Hoffman)

(I have no information on this rug)

(I have no information on this rug, but I do remember it’s from a child’s drawing….ADORABLE!)
(I have no information on this rug….I think it’s another one done from a child’s drawing?)

(Pattern: "Home with the Horses" - designed by Sally Kallin of Pine Island Primitives, hooked by?)

(Pattern: "Uncle Sam Star Hooked Pillow", Designer: Leah Smith pattern from Country Craft Cupboard, hooked by : Kelly Cole)

(I have no information on this rug)

(Pattern: “Dancing Women”, Designer: Deanne Fitzpatrick, hooked by: ?)

(Pattern: “Margaret’s Scrapbook”, designed by: ?, Hooked by: ?)

(I have no information on this rug)

(I have no information on this rug)

(Pattern: “Tom #1”, Designer: Emma Lou’s Primitives, hooked by:?)
(I have no information on this rug)

(I have no information on this rug….I think it might be a Karen Kahle design)

Vendor: Cabin Fever Rugs
Okay, my memory is starting to fade a little bit, but I think these beautiful wools were in their booth……what jumped out at me is they have lots of wonderful holiday designs.  If you love the vintage look….this was the booth to be in!

Keep following me….I still have more to come!


  1. Tammy, I do know that rug #2 in this post was being hooked by Anne Hoffman, but I can't remember who the designer was.

  2. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous rugs. There is so much talent out there!
    And....chocolate fudge coffee...OMG that sounds good.

  3. After a hard day at work, it was so refreshing to see these beautiful rugs! There are so many expressive and talented people in our world! Now I feel more relaxed. I just needed some eye candy. Thanks for sharing your hook in with us! Oh...and does that hot fudge coffee come in unleaded? It sounds decadent!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to post the rugs for those of us that couldn't be there! I'm very impressed with what info you do have with the rugs - no way would I have remembered.

    Chocolate fudge coffee- Oh my that sounds wonderful

  5. JoJo,
    Thanks for the info on the rug....I'm glad she put it in the show even though it was still in progress.....really stunning...I'm always impressed with hookers who take on projects like that one!

  6. Kim,
    Actually, I went back to look and the coffee is "Fudge Brownie" from Target....then I go and add chocolate milk to is sooo good!

  7. Miz T,
    We all need more beauty in our does relax the soul doesn't it?