Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Movies and a cocktail

No rugs today folks. Last night I had such a great evening after work. I came home and was hungry for a snack and so was Kenny, so I made another batch of homemade pita chips and some more flaming cheese like I made back HERE for the Olympics…..you’ve really got to try the flaming cheese sometime.

Lonnie was really wound up, so he and I took a solo run/walk together which was fun.  The air was brisk, Lonnie found a squirrel to chase and I found $10 on the ground!  Cleopatra was content to stay home and play ball with Kenny.  Okay, we had to sneak out of the house and Kenny said she cried when she couldn’t find us, but he tried to console her by playing ball and giving her a “spa brushing” session.

We decided to stay in and watch a movie…..”Coco Before Chanel”.  We didn’t realize it was in French and had subtitles, but who can complain about listening to people speak French?!  It’s such a beautiful language.  I know it’s still cold in a lot of the country, so if you want to snuggle in and watch a movie, I think this one is worthwhile.

Kenny made us these fabulous cocktails also…..oh my gosh….they are DE-LISH! Very refreshing and maybe more of a summer drink, but I loved them just the same….he made them with fresh lemon juice from his lemon tree…..I think I might be addicted!  It’s called a “Tuaca Lemon Drop” or “Portland Trolley Car”…..I prefer the “Portland Trolley Car” name myself!

Tuaca Lemon Drop Martini Recipe -- powered by eHow.com

I’ll be back tomorrow with more of the rug show.


  1. my mom hooked a rug for our relatives out west in honor of the Olympics...

    it got put in the local news...



    4th picture over...

  2. Who wouldn't know that I love this post!! Flaming cheese and a really great martini!! Woo hoo!

  3. Can't beat that combo! What fabulous rugs on the previous post! How inspiring......Really, really wish I could have made it up there.