Monday, March 15, 2010

A Fine Day

What a fine day.
I had pleasant patients,  not too many,  not too few.
I hope this link works….people always wonder what I do…..Click here to see what I do at work. nuclear cardiology video  (the technologist with the short hair and big earrings is me :)  )
Went to a “March Birthdays” luncheon that was put on by our administrators….they actually take time to make home-made food for us… was sooo delicious.  There was lasagna, a pasta broccoli salad, a lettuce salad with a wonderful Vidalia onion dressing, French bread, cupcakes….YUM!
I also had my annual review at work….it was GOOD!
I’m working a new schedule this week, so I got off work at 2:30….extra time to go to the gym… to the gym and was on the treadmill and in walked my husband….he got on the treadmill next to me…..things like that make working out not so bad.
Yes, the picture below is our hospital gym….down below are the treadmills and basketball court….you can walk on the treadmills and watch people play basketball, and if you look up you can see people walking around the track or in the weight room….it really is a beautiful space… I need to get reacquainted with on a more regular basis :)

Took the dogs on a long walk…..they both actually WALKED and didn’t sniff and doddle TOO much….this can be a problem with hounds :)
Home again to make salmon burgers and chips, do a little laundry and make some cupcakes that will go to work with me in the morning for the “Chili Cook-off” fund raiser for the American Heart Association. 
$5 donation and you get to try at least 11 different kinds of chili as well as lots of sides and desserts.  If you are by the Wheeler Heart and Vascular Center on Tuesday, March 16th at lunch time, it’s held on the lobby level….just ask!

Yes, little things like this add up to make a great day!


  1. Wow, very impressive! That chili looked good and the cupcakes sound delicious!

  2. You are probably wonderful at your job with your personality (which seems to shine!) putting your patients at ease! Chili cook-off sounds like fun!

  3. your hospital has a gym? with a court and a walking track?????


    i have never heard of such a thing!!!

    if you saw the "gym" my small town here has... well, you'd cry...

    i know i do...


    the slats in the floor boards are all busted apart...

    i should take pictures and post them.. it is really dangerous...

    and inthe weight room they had some kinda rust colord gooo dripping from the ceiling down the wall so i complained ... PLUS there is one mirror and it is too high up...

    if i sit in a bench to do flies... i can see the top of my head and i am 5'5 5'6...


    i would LIVE in that gym if it was here...

    my husband would have to show up because that is the only time he'd see me...