Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My hooking has me in knots

Last night was when the hooking group met at Simply Fibers. I've cut my schedule back for hooking group to once a month during the summer because summertime just seems to be busy for most people....the good kind of busy.....spending time at the lake baseball games, cook-outs, vacation, weddings....yeah, that good kind of busy.

I was really surprised with how many people showed up last night. The weather....ah the weather.....if you've never spent a summer in the Ozarks, let me explain.

When you step out the door into the beautiful sunshine, you are almost instantly covered in a film of humidity that clings to your skin like steam does when you step out of the shower. That feels good when you are stepping out of the shower, but imagine living with that feeling all day and night long.
As a thank you to all of the people who showed up I had a sale....25% off all in-stock wools, books and patterns.....wool was was FUN!

In the midst of all the action, I didn't even snap one picture....instead I sat down for a bit and worked on the garden rug. Never fear...Sheri at Shabby Sheep, snapped some pictures of the projects being worked on, so be sure and visit her blog in the next day or two and bug her to post pictures!!!
I actually sat down for a bit and worked on the garden rug....specifically the mullein flower/weed. I wanted this to be a bit 3-D and so I sat down in my dining room the other night and thought about different possiblities.....felting....rolling up pieces of wool...trapunto....hmmmm....none of those seemed to feel right.
What I came up with was cutting wool in big strips and then tying them into knots and then stitching those knots to the is how it looks so far.....I think I'm liking it. Also, liking the fact that I came up with this solution on my own.
I think today, I'm heading out to go junking with Sheri....I'm sure there will be many stories tomorrow about our FINDS.

Once again, I think if you click on the hooking pictures they should mega-enlarge for you.

Go forth and be creative,



  1. WOW!! Your rug is turning out so cool!! The colors are beautiful!

  2. Clever girl!! I'm having a similar issue with a queen anne's lace flower and have been thinking of knotting something ~ maybe even yarn! Yours, looks great ~ hope you find some good stuff today!