Friday, June 26, 2009

Do you remember where you were....

when you saw Michael Jackson performing "Billie Jean" at the Motown 25. I remember where I was, it was on my birthday and I was a freshman in high school. Me and my brother were in front of the tv in our house on McClernon Street.

The moon walk, the crotch grabbing, the was beginning of the Michael Jackson that so many of us remember.

Then, not much later there was "Thriller

on the summer time you couldn't get me and my brother out of the house...we were always camped around the MTV trying to catch it when it came on.....for those of you who are younger...there was no Tivo back then.

In 1984, I was a sophmore, and we got tickets to see Michael Jackson in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium with the "Victory Tour" where he toured with his brothers, The Jackson 5. I don't remember who got the tickets, but it was my mom, my aunt Jo-an, my bff Kim's mom Kathy and all of us kids who went up together....we were old enough to drive, but just barely had our license. Plus, looking back now....OBVIOUSLY our mom's wanted to see him too!

Oh my gosh...we were quite a ways away, but you could feel the energy in the stadium, the excitement....and when he came on was deafening. I don't think any of us sat down during the entire concert.

As a teenager of the 80's, I'm sad today.


  1. As a teen of the 60's, I still loved Michael, at least until he became totally strange and started that metamorphosis with his face. Such great talent turned totally weird.

    He and Farrah Fawcett were both way too young to die.

  2. i am older, but also feel a sadness that we have lost such an incredible talent who brought pleasure to so many and who influenced the world of music in such a profound and lasting manner. arlyce

  3. Thanks for sharing your memories Tammy. I'm just a few years older...I was in my early 20's, did aerobics 3 times a week and dressed like Cindy Lauper! I remember dancing to all those songs and all of us copying his moves...intro slouch socks and white gloves....if you could find the black pants with the white strip....oh too cool!I had a sparkly black jacket...I still have that Thriller album...and oh...we rented a beta player and watched it til we could moonwalk...

    Michael was just a few years older than me...I grew up with him...and yes, I feel very sad today too....

  4. I am still just stunned. It's all so very very sad. Remember "Ben"? I loved crooning that one, even though it was about a rat! LOL He was just an awesome talent. Definitely the "Elvis" of my time. I just tell myself at last he has found some peace. :o(

  5. Thanks for taking time to share your memories with me.

  6. I loved Michael's dancing abilities. He was awesome. Even tho I am a teen ager of the 50's I know talent when I see it.
    I was at Arrowhead for his Thriller concert, still have my ticket stub


  7. My daughter was at the same concert and we were discussing that somewhere we have a t-shirt she purchased there. He was such a talent but didn't seem to bring him much happiness. I swear if God had given me the ability to dance like that, I would have been happy. Jan