Saturday, June 13, 2009


I'm sitting here this morning trying to decide what to do. Finish painting the ceiling.....dye some wool for the rug I'm working on....go to the gym.....instead I just sit here and drink coffee.
Thoughts marinating.
I really want to finish the ceiling, but I'm afraid.
I've never done a "technique" before....what if it turns out a big hideous mess?
Sure, I could paint over it, but then the ceiling is going to have a texture on it and then that will be weird.....should I do a test board?


  1. Well, if I had a pool like that, I would be swimming;)
    We have an above ground and it is way to cold to swim.


  2. Yep... I'd be standing in that pool with my coffee!!! LOL! Bunch of wise guys reading your blog this morning, huh? LOL! Whatever you decide... ENJOY!