Monday, March 31, 2008

Pictures galore!

Buds about to burst out in spring glory!

It's been rainy and dreary here this past weekend, but Cleopatra needed to get out of the house, so I took her to the park for a ended up being a short walk because after about 30 minutes it started to rain and she HATES the rain!!!

However, I did have time to snap a few photos while we were there.....

It's that really cool time of the year, where a lot of things are waking up and springing forth...I decided to concentrate on textures that I saw at the park. One of my favorite things to look at are trees and tree bark and many colors!!!
I have to remember that when I'm hooking a tree the bark can be other things besides brown....use tweeds that have bits of green or purple or orange or rosey shades mixed with grays. Bark can be SO MANY different colors!!!

I especially love this moss below with the teensy-weensy flowers blooming up from it!

Below is probably my favorite picture. I love those really ancient trees with the twisty trunks that sprawl out and hug the ground! I'm thinking the picture below could make a great rug.....perhaps I'll have to study this particular tree a bit more and get some close up pictures of it....I just love it!

Also this weekend Carol threw a wedding shower for of the girls who has worked at Simply Fibers for a few years now. Maddi has to positively be one of the most effervescent people that I know. Just being around Maddie makes people feel good!

Can't you just tell by looking at her picture?!
A lot of us got together to hook at Simply Fibers this past Wednesday night and here are some pictures from that as well.
This is a rug that Joan is working on. I wish the picture would have been able to pick up more detail of "de Tail"'s hooked up higher and then cool! The pattern is "Mr. Mullen" from Sally Kallen at Pine Island Primitives.

This next rug is my own design....inspired by the works of Karen Kahle and Mary Stanley.Kelly hooked this one and turned it into a cute little pillow. The design is from a seller on eBay. If you know the name please let me know and I'll be happy to give them credit.This is a great Shabby Chic floral runner that Sheri hooked up. I love the soft muted colors. Sandy is still working on her floral rug from Nola.
Joan was sporting her Rose Tote from Primitive Spirit Rugs.
Sheri and I both logged on at Flickr and found Karen Kahle's instructions on doing a crocheted edge....Sheri did hers with yarn and I did mine with wool strips....what a fun and easy technique! If you want to view the great instructions click here.

Go forth and be creative,


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

40 is great!

Yesterday I hit a milestone birthday....


What can I say...... was great!

Food, gifts, cards, wishes, hugs, drinks....good times.....makes me wish I could turn 40 everyday!!!!

I'm still so full this morning I could pop!

Ann from work made me no-bake favorite!

My mom made enchiladas, salad and magic birthday cake for me and my co-workers....YUM!!!

Then we got off work early and went and had margaritas and chips.....then later that evening Kenny took me out to eat and I had a piece of quiche......I really wanted a patty melt, but I was just sooo full already.

It was a very glutenous birthday, I must say!!!!

Today I'm hoping to spend my day dyeing wool and packing away my kitchen.....probably the last time before we totally gut the kitchen for our remodel....I'm so excited!!!!

If you want to follow along on the remodel process go here I'll try to post more pictures as it goes along.....we have to have EVERYTHING out...cabinets and appliances so they can start on April there should be lots of updates.

Go forth and be creative,


Thursday, March 20, 2008

A fun night at Simply Fibers

What a fun night everyone had last night! Simply Fibers is such an incredibly inspiring place to be! Here are just a few pics I snapped last night.

Dulcy knitting.....

Sandy's cute little basket of wool worms

Katie's "Yearling" rug in progress

Another one of Dulcy's purses.....this one has lavender...a pattern from Karen Kahle

Beautiful yarns bathed in sunlight
Sheri's floral hit and miss rug in progress

Debbie.....all the way from Parsons, Kansas re-learning how to hook
Robin, also from Parsons, Kansas got a refresher course from the group as well.
Patti's runner that she is working on....a pattern from Searsport Rug Hooking

Sandy's floral rug in progress....a pattern from Nola Hooks.

A funky knit hat
JoLynn's robin pulling a basket of eggs in progress

A beautifully knitted throw

Rita's cat rug....ready to be bound

beautiful sock yarns
Go forth and be creative,

Easter is on the way!

Today marks the beginning of spring !

How exciting to usher in new life?

New flowers, new animals, new projects, and new outlooks!

Now is a wonderful time to begin stretching limbs and ideas--to stretch the body and the mind--to move beyond the sluggish,and stagnate periods of wintertime!

Easter is fast approaching and I just wanted to share a cute little pillow that one of my fellow hookers, Sheri DeMate, has hooked. I love the little crocheted lacy edge on this!!! That is one busy bunny!!!

I just love Easter....the spring tulips!

dyeing Easter eggs

eating gobs of deviled eggs for days on end!!! I remember, as a kid, we went to my Aunt Monya's on the Saturday before Easter and we would dye 12 dozen eggs for our family Easter egg hunt on Sunday Aunt Monya would have newspaper down on her kitchen table and all kinds of colors mixed in coffee mugs for us. And people wonder why little girls wear white gloves to church on Easter Sunday!!

My favorite thing to do was to dye the plaid eggs!!!

What are some of your favorite Easter memories?

Go forth and be creative,


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring

.....or at least it has been! I think we had about 36 hours of rain, it's finally stopped, but here are some pictures.

It took Kenny quite a while to deliver the mail yesterday in rural Rogersville, Missouri.....he said he felt like he was driving around in circles....he kept encountering roads that were flooded and impassable.

So happy that Cleopatra can be indoors with us. This picture is NOT from around here...this was taken during a tropical storm.....I just thought it was absolutely the most sad picture I have seen of a dog....

On a brighter note, the rain gives me an excuse to wear my bright pink rain jacket.

Tonight is rug hooking at Simply Fibers......I've GOT to remember to take my camera with me this week!
Go forth and be creative,