Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter is on the way!

Today marks the beginning of spring !

How exciting to usher in new life?

New flowers, new animals, new projects, and new outlooks!

Now is a wonderful time to begin stretching limbs and ideas--to stretch the body and the mind--to move beyond the sluggish,and stagnate periods of wintertime!

Easter is fast approaching and I just wanted to share a cute little pillow that one of my fellow hookers, Sheri DeMate, has hooked. I love the little crocheted lacy edge on this!!! That is one busy bunny!!!

I just love Easter....the spring tulips!

dyeing Easter eggs

eating gobs of deviled eggs for days on end!!! I remember, as a kid, we went to my Aunt Monya's on the Saturday before Easter and we would dye 12 dozen eggs for our family Easter egg hunt on Sunday Aunt Monya would have newspaper down on her kitchen table and all kinds of colors mixed in coffee mugs for us. And people wonder why little girls wear white gloves to church on Easter Sunday!!

My favorite thing to do was to dye the plaid eggs!!!

What are some of your favorite Easter memories?

Go forth and be creative,


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  1. Tammy I love your eye for creativity and color!! Thank you for all the uplifting, motivating photos today!! I especially love the one of the gal sitting high on a hill above the ocean... ahhhhh!!
    But PLEASE do share how you make plaid eggs??? I have NEVER done that! And we are dying eggs tomorrow! LOL! 60 eggs total! The kids and i LOVE it! But now i need plaid eggs! LOL!
    bren :)