Wednesday, March 26, 2008

40 is great!

Yesterday I hit a milestone birthday....


What can I say...... was great!

Food, gifts, cards, wishes, hugs, drinks....good times.....makes me wish I could turn 40 everyday!!!!

I'm still so full this morning I could pop!

Ann from work made me no-bake favorite!

My mom made enchiladas, salad and magic birthday cake for me and my co-workers....YUM!!!

Then we got off work early and went and had margaritas and chips.....then later that evening Kenny took me out to eat and I had a piece of quiche......I really wanted a patty melt, but I was just sooo full already.

It was a very glutenous birthday, I must say!!!!

Today I'm hoping to spend my day dyeing wool and packing away my kitchen.....probably the last time before we totally gut the kitchen for our remodel....I'm so excited!!!!

If you want to follow along on the remodel process go here I'll try to post more pictures as it goes along.....we have to have EVERYTHING out...cabinets and appliances so they can start on April there should be lots of updates.

Go forth and be creative,



  1. Happy 40th Birthday Tammy!! You are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love that shot of you and Cleo! It's definitely a "framer"!
    What's a "magic birthday cake" ??
    A triple chocolate with no calories?
    xo bren

  2. Happy Birthday Tambo! May you be blessed with oodles more! You have been tagged AND awarded on my blog!


  3. Happy 40th birthday Tammy!
    Look's like you had a great day.

    I will be following your kitchen remodelling job; great 'before' pics.


  4. you are one beautiful 40 year old! love those rug hooking photos!
    and...Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Tammy!

    My 40th was my absolute favorite birthday! 40's are the best! Hope to see you soon....dulcy

  6. Happy Birthday Tammy!

    My 40th was my absolute favorite birthday! 40's are the best! Hope to see you soon....dulcy

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Tammy! I got here from Flickr - somehow - hmmm. Glad your b-day was a happy one -- OH to be 40 again! Let's trade blog rolls. I am on WordPress ( - I'll add your blog to my sidebar. Take good care -- Love ya gal -

  8. Happy birthday, Tammy! Earlier comment is correctomundo...40s are great! :o)

  9. Tammy,
    You are a gorgeous, fabulosso 40! Don't dismay ~ enjoy life, enjoy your loved ones, and enjoy living in and with each moment. You make your life, so make it glorious with no regrets. I am so glad you are in my life and to think I met you at age 49. I look up to all the older wiser women in my life and thank God for the way they have reached out their hand and pulled me through the hard times. Blessings my friend! And lots of Love, Katie

  10. Happy 40th Tammy. You look more like 30 to me! Love the pic of you and Cleo too. Lori Rippey