Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sweet Sally

I think we all have a soft spot in our heart for dogs that look like the ones we had when we were growing up.

When I was about 10 we had a stray collie mix that came to us and of course we named her "Lassie".....Lassie was so sweet, but we think she had been abused or shot at because if my little brother got his bb gun out she would always go and hide for hours on end.

My "Lassie" was no spring chicken when she came to us and she was just the best dog and would lie by your side for hours.

I guess that's why when I saw this dog, Sally, on Petfinder it just broke my heart to think she's sitting somewhere in need of a good home.

Surely someone will see this and tell someone about her and make magic happen for this beautiful lady.

Click on her picture to find out more about her.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Such a beautiful dog, Tammy. For me, if I could have a dog, this would be perfect! Not only is my house already overrun with fur but my younger sister's name is kidding! Unfortunately, I just can't afford any more children right now, furry or otherwise. But Sally is one gorgeous dog.

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