Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chores and stuff

Today has turned out to be a rainy cool day, so I suppose I will work on some of my chores that I've been putting off. I really want to get the dining room finished, but I need to lightly sand this window alcove and this shelf and paint them. I also still need to do the baseboards and then go do some touch-ups on the rest of the paint. I really want to have the dining room finished, but it's just SO tedious.
I think it would help if I had some coffee, but since I just have 5 days left of "the cleanse" I'll just have to mentally muscle through it.
I'd also like to do some baking today....hopefully there will be enough time after the painting....or perhaps I'll paint a section of something and then take a break and do some baking.
I'm really wanting to make THESE pumpkin muffins!

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