Thursday, July 3, 2008

Peeking into my "real" life kitchen

This is looking into the kitchen from the dining room.....yes, that's Kenny behind the stove making spaghetti.....we love our bar stools.....modern and oh so comfortable!
Come visit us and have a cocktail!
Here is a better "overall" picture. Trying to mix modern organic with rug hooking is proving a bit daunting, but it's starting to come together. I see new rugs in my future!
Here's a great view of the range hood and gas stovetop.....lots of wool dyeing hoping to be going on this holiday weekend!!! The dogs LOVE being in the kitchen. It's their favorite hang-out!
Here is looking into the kitchen from the den. I got home today and Kenny had hung this great big vase with fresh-cut hydrangeas in aunt Joan calls him "Mr. Martha".
This is our mongo fridge/freezer.....Let's guessed it....Kenny picked that out!
Here is a picture of the sink area....we got a Bosch dishwasher as recommended by Ev in Alaska....I love's so quiet!
Can you see the 4th of July banner that Kenny put up for us today....and he also did the decorating in the dining room.....what a doll face!

I usually try to make my pictures "pretty" I just wanted to share a slice of our "real" life....stuff out in the kitchen to cook and all that.

Go forth and be creative,


  1. Wow and Wow! Love it!


  2. It's fantastic, Tammy! I love your black chairs and the metal sculpture art piece in the last pic! Thanks for sharing!!! The bunting rocks too! Have a great weekend!

  3. OHMYGOSH, is simply beautiful! I love it! Have fun in your new space!

  4. Tammy-

    Your kitchen is beautiful!! You must be so pleased. All that hard work has really paid off! No wonder Lonnie and Cleopatra like to hang out there!!!

  5. What a great, new kitchen. Esp. love that fantabulous range hood!
    I am starting to love modern, too, but I have a 1770 Cape so it isn't easy to incorporate.
    Live well.

  6. Your kitchen looks fabulous!! My fav has to be the "view from the den" pic... LOVE the floors and backsplash!!! Looks so cozy! That cocktail invite sounds very tempting!!! Enjoy!

  7. Oooh, Tammy, THANK YOU!! I've been waiting for these pictures and you did yourself proud! What a stunning kitchen. I love it!!

    I can't pick a favorite picture because I love them all. But good grief, I still want to borrow/rent Kenny for a while. Not only could I use him for the backyard landscaping but also for inside decorating. What a talented man!!

    Enjoy that kitchen! I'm sure it was worth all of the remodeling mess and headaches you dealt with.

  8. Beautiful Tammy. You're really lucky to be married to "Mr. Martha". My hubby thinks decorating is leaning a couple of fishing poles in the kitchen by the back door!
    Great job on the remodel!!

  9. Oh Tammy!! Your kitchen turned out amazing!!!! I bet you two are SO pleased! I'm lovin the floor tile, the range hood, the 6 burner gas grill, oh my! All of it!! LOL!
    Wishing you both MANY MANY years to come enjoying it together!!
    big hugs,
    Bren :)

  10. Tammy,
    That is a doozie of a kitchen ~ I can just see many happy memories being made there. Your husband is a doll for doing all of that and you take wonderful pictures of it!
    Hope to see you in a little bit while. Love, Katie