Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

It's been in the 90's the past few days and all the dogs want to do is lie around the house in the a/c. I mean who can blame them....would you want to hang out outside in a fur coat? Me neither!

However, the bees are loving the weather and they are totally in love with this thistle plant that we have in our backyard.
I know a lot of people are freaked out by bees, but they are such a part of our life that I can walk through the flowers in the garden and never get stung by them...they are always so busy collecting pollen, that I really don't think they notice us.

Speaking of the garden....OMG! It is totally working overtime!!! I thought I had best get out and get some pictures before the heat dries everything up and it looses some of it's it is in full swing!
This is at the back of our yard.....Kenny has planted another 'blue atlas cedar' of my favorite trees!
The coneflowers are especially beautiful right now!We have crane sculptures on the tops of the tree stumps that we had taken out in the ice storm....this one is growing some sort of weird fungus/mushroom on it.....looks like little shelves for garden gnomes and fairies to sit on at night.
I love this's as soft as it can't help but brush your hand against it when you walk by.The daylilies are gorgeous right now....I love this hot orange color.Kenny's banana tree jungle is really taking off.....who would know that we live smack in the middle of the USA....this looks like the tropics.This all takes lots of watering.
THE ENDGo forth and be creative,


  1. Tammy~Your doggies are sooo sweet. I love your garden, they're gorgeous!!!

  2. Tammy, the yard is beautiful! Many kudos to Kenny for his gardening expertise and work.

  3. Tammy, the garden and the kids are looking great. I love the cedar tree too. My neighbor has one and he couldn't care less how cool it is. I wish I could move it over to my yard!

  4. Tammy ---awww the pics of Lonnie and Cleo are too sweet! Those sad little faces! LOL Loved the pics of your garden! Kenny certainly has a bright green thumb! Your back yard is like a lush tropical oasis - a vacation in your own backyard! How cool is that!!

    And the bees... for those of us that are freaked... at least for me anyway... it's not the normal bees that freak me, it's the wasps with the big dangly legs just looking for something to sting over and over!! LOL!!

  5. Your gardens are beautiful Tammy. I'm so happy that Cleo has a buddy. Check your blog every morning and really enjoy reading. Jan