Sunday, July 13, 2008

A new way of eating

Wow! A whole week has gone by since I've written.

So what have I been up to? On Monday I started the "21-day cleanse" that is in the book "Quantum Wellness".
I saw the author on Oprah a month or so ago and decided to get the book.
I read the book and then had to try and decide if this was something I could involves giving up caffeine, alcohol, sugar, animal products (including eggs, dairy, butter, etc), and gluten for 21 days. I just couldn't get my head around eating this way.....I mean, I'm a mid-western girl. My great-grandparents were dairy farmers

and my father's parents raised chickens and pigs

......meat and dairy were staples in my diet and as far as the caffeine and alcohol loves my coffee in the morning

and a good mojito when I get home from work.

Well, Sunday was my breaking point. I put on my bikini to enjoy the 4th of July holiday by the pool and I was like "OMG!".....I've GOT to do SOMETHING.

All of the "eating out" while we were remodeling the kitchen had finally caught up with bikini this summer....we're talkin' TANKINI this year.....where did that chub around my middle come from?! Hmmm...could it be Chinese take-out, McDonald's, Taco Bell? This is when I decided that now is the time.

I started on Monday and it's been quite a journey.....what do I eat? Oatmeal with berries and soy milk for breakfast.....actually really good.

Then I made one of the recipes from the book that was a hot and spicy rice concoction with black beans, peppers, Ro-Tel tomatoes, avocados, cilantro and olives....once again....surprisingly good!

Snacks....yeah, gotta have my snacks.....pita chips and hummus (oh yeah...not real sure about the whole gluten thing, so I'm trying to do whole wheat products and no white bread or anything junky.

I'm at day 6 and so far I've really missed my coffee with Starbucks liquer in it on Saturday morning (it's my ritual weekend morning drink)......surprised to say I really haven't missed the meat or the sugar.....mainly I've missed the and cooking takes way more thought and effort. I'm learning about tofu (I have some in the fridge but haven't made anything from it yet), agave syrup (way good substitute for sugar) and coconut oil for cooking.

I've eaten out 3 times....once at Taco Bell (bean burrito fresca), once at Panera Bread (portabello mushroom and mozarella panini...hold the mozarella, and black bean soup and an apple), and last night at San Francisco Oven (Sonoma Garden Pizza.....substitute red sauce for white sauce and hold the cheese). Do I feel self-conscious asking for these "changes".....yes.

Do I feel better because I'm not contributing to animal suffering and factory farming....yes.

Do I have more energy...yes.

Have I lost weight....yes.

Have I stretched myself....yes.

I've realized that I eat a lot of crap.......there are a few other books out there that are basically educating people about a vegan diet and the ones I've read are


A "no-holds barred" way of learning about veganism. Just hilarious to read but very educational.
I'm sure once I get the hang of this I'll be blogging more often.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Wow, Tammy! I admire your commitment and to go a whole week is commendable! I hope your blogging has slowed only because you are busy planning your strict meals, not because you are too weak to type!! I'll be watching and good luck. Wondered how your diet is affecting your husband's meals. :-)

  2. Terri, Yes, the blogging has slowed down because I've been trying to educate myself on this way of eating and also it involves quite a bit more planning and cooking.
    Kenny is still eating his usual fare, but he has been helpful and made me potatoes and onions with mushrooms one night.....his had meat of course and then last night he made 15 bean soup....mine was just the soup...his had ham.

    It's getting a little easier every day and I'm feeling really good.

  3. Hey girl! Been thinkin about you all week since reading your post. WOW! More power to you ya!! You are braver than I am, that's for sure! I believe in healthy eating... but i could NEVER go vegan! LOL I like meat too much!! Actually know i couldn't function with out it!
    So reading about what you are going thru, and how hard it must be to find the right things and somehow put them together for meals... i just want to say KUDOS Tam!! I couldn't do it!!! I hope you are feeling GREAT, and it is getting easier for you!
    much love,