Sunday, April 8, 2012

What a beautiful day


I can’t remember an Easter when the weather has been as beautiful as it has been today.

I remember Easters where it’s been raining or even snowing, but

today was just beautiful!

After an Easter breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy,

scrambled eggs,

cinnamon rolls,

grits casserole,

pineapple, mango, strawberries

and LOTS of coffee,

we came home and put

our time off to good use.

Kenny worked in the garden most of the day,

while I worked on my list of “tolerances”…

those things that you really need to do, but you’ve

found that you just keep tolerating.


I repainted 2 of our interior doors, that were really

smudged up from moving the big tanker desk into

last week.  That desk really IS a tank! Sooo heavy!

I wasn’t even able to lift my end of it, so Kenny used

a dolly and once we had it in the house, we put it on

a carpet runner and scooted it through the kitchen, and utility

room and into the “computer” room.

I love it, now that’s it’s here!


Next on my list of “tolerances” is to repaint the front porch….just

waiting for the pollen count to go down….no need

painting the porch white and then having yellow/green

pollen settling into the paint. Kind of like my car…it’s black,

but right now it has a dusting of yellow/green covering it up.


Oh yeah, we got new dining room chairs….

sea grass dining chairs…..really gives it a different look.

A bit more modern, but with a rustic/organic feel to it.

Quite a switch from the chairs we used to have HERE.

While we were walking the dogs this afternoon, we spoke

with a couple who’s daughter was outside hunting Easter

eggs….they both had drinks in their hands….Kenny asked if

they were margaritas…..NOT!


They said they were drinking cucumber-lemonade……

Lemonade with cucumber vodka….well, we stopped and got

some cucumber vodka on the way home and I must say….


Now I’m thinking NEXT weekend, a Bloody Mary made cucumber



  1. A vey busy day for sure for you.
    the vodka sounds delish.

  2. Love the chairs. They look like they are knitted. JB

  3. The chairs are fabulous Tammy! Also, the cucumber vodka sounds fabulous!

  4. I really love your style Tammy. So fresh and bright. a great place to have a meal.