Saturday, April 21, 2012

Transferring a pattern….continued

Before we get on with transferring a drawing or pattern.

Here is what I’m obsessed with today….

Now, on with the transferring……

So, you have your drawing enlarged….


Now you need red dot tracing fabric.

Here in Springfield, MO you can pick this up

at Hancock Fabrics.  (If you are NOT in Springfield,

you can order it from my friend Renee at

Skip To My Ewe on eBay. She has FREE SHIPPING

on all of her items, so be sure and check out what

else she has for sale there.)


I taped the red dot over my drawing and then started to trace

over it with a Sharpie marker.


Now that I have my design on the Red Dot, I can

transfer it to my linen backing.  First, I like to draw

the border dimensions on my linen.  I find this

is easiest to do with a charcoal pencil, it’s a bit

softer than a regular #2 pencil.

My rug is going to be 16 x 16, so I measure this out

and then put my pencil in the groove of the linen and drag

the pencil to keep it on the straight grain.


Once, I have the border drawn, I go over it with

a Sharpie marker, so it doesn’t rub off.


Yes, I mis-measured one side, so I have an extra

line.  Hey, I’m definitely NOT perfect, but just keep

on going.

Now I tape the traced red dot over the linen.


Get out my trusty Sharpie marker, this time I’m

using red….makes it easier to see what parts I

haven’t marked yet.



Beware, the Sharpie can rub off on your hands

while you are marking….


You can now peel back your tracing paper and make

sure all your marks came through onto the linen….





Now you are ready to hook! 


  1. Tammy...I LOVE those videos! Thanks for the early Saturday a.m. laughs. I still have the picture postcard of the rug you hooked of it and this one of Cleo is going to be equally fantastic!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial on using red dots. It really seems to work well but I would be worried that the red might bleed some. I've never used red either. JB

  3. Oh Tammy, Hook, Hook and Hook! I can't wait to see this one done. I have a similar pattern of my Oni but I haven't hooked it yet. Have a great weekend and hug the kids for me.


  4. This is awesome. I am particularly big on long-eared dog prints and designs so I can't wait to see the finished product. How long does it usually take you to finish one like this?

  5. Julia, I don't think the red would bleed anymore than any other sharpie color....hmmmm....

  6. Carpet Cleaner,
    This is not a very big rug, so I hope to have it finished in less than a month. I work full-time and don't have a lot of time to hook, so if I hooked "full-time" I think I would have it finished in less than a week.

  7. The design and vedios are awesome.