Saturday, September 17, 2011


So Thursday after work, I went to my first ever “hot yoga” class.

I’d been told I’d either love it or hate it…..

well, I must say, I’m somewhere in the middle…..

it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Sweaty…..yes! This is me after class.

Doing downward facing dog with sweat dripping down your body and stinging your eyes…..

I knew it would be hot, but had no idea.

I swear there was not a dry spot on me when I finished!

I think I could have probably wrung my shirt out when I was finished…..seriously!

I have not sweated this much since I was in drum and bugle corp in high school

and we would march up and down hills in the humid Missouri August heat.

September is national yoga month and my first class was free, but I also had bought a

series of five classes earlier in the year, but was waiting for the weather to cool off before I gave it a try.

Will I be going back…..yes, I think I’ll try to go once a week until I use up those 5 classes and see if my body becomes more accustomed to the hot room…..100-105 degrees.

Maybe the colder it gets outside, the better that room will feel.

I did decide to bite the bullet and purchase one of these yoga towels….

When I took my first class you could borrow a beach towel to put on top of your

yoga mat, so you wouldn’t slip/slide around in all of your sweat.

It just didn’t work for me….it kept bunching up and sliding around…..hopefully

this will be a good investment.


  1. Wow Tammy, you still look terrific even after sweating so much. I've done yoga before but never this intense workout. I bet you'll sleep like a baby tonight. JB

  2. Tammy ~ my Seattle son does hot yoga! He recently did a 30 day challenge ~ hot yoga every day for 30 days ~ he loved it! He said people kept commenting that he looked taller ~ and he said he felt taller ~ so all that stretching had an intereting benefit! And he said he feels great!! Good luck!

  3. I forgot the s in interesting ~ darn keyboard!!