Friday, September 30, 2011


Looks like Daisy has found a home….who could resist that sweet face?!

I’m still feeling a bit unsettled, but I have settled on a book to read…..

I’m only a few chapters in, but really enjoying it so far.

Today, Saturday and Sunday is the Ozarks Craft Show.

Even though I’m not participating I have a few friends who are so be sure and stop by

their booths if you get a chance to go.

Renee and Kelly will be in the big brown barn with their hooked rugs, stitched pillows,

wool and assorted other goodies.

Another friend, Meredith, will be in big tent #5…..she previewed some of her goodies on

Facebook……looks like lots of girly goodness for sure!!!

Get out and enjoy the weekend!  Just have to make it through work today……


  1. Tammy, Im happy that Daisy has found a new home.I'm sure that she has a lot of love to give and receive. I hope that she'll be happy. I love Meredith's high fashion hats. They have a lots of flair and should fly off the shelf at the Ozark Craft Show. Have a safe weekend, JB

  2. Love all the photos! I read that book and rather enjoyed it. Have a great weekend!

  3. I want to go!!!!!! What darling hats! Lately, my hair needs a hat!!!!!

  4. I sure hope we can go Sunday. Then you'll get your ride in my new car!
    Remind me to check out the girls booth with the knitted headbands. I thought those would keep our ears warm this winter. Will my hair Ever grow??? And BTW, it's RED now!!! Only live once, huh?
    See you Sunday unless something come up.

  5. Wish I could go to the show and see all the wonderful rugs!
    Love the hats too!