Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ode to Dulcy

We have some new fall décor… husband laughed and called it,

“Ode to Dulcy


  1. Whatever those things are I love them!! Great blog header too. Your entire blog is looking great!
    Hope Dulcy is getting better each day.....
    Cathy G

  2. Tammy, those are so decorative and tropical looking but what are they? They almost look like lychees that are not ripe. Do you grow these fruits in your yard? JB

  3. The old-timers used to say if you kept these in you basement all winter, they'd help keep spiders out. They're such a beautiful color -- but don't think they look anything like Dulcy!!!!! Jan

  4. I think they are beautiful. I love the kiwi green!

  5. Tammy ~
    I just love monkey balls. At least that's what we call them in Ohio!
    Pug hugs :)

  6. Those look great. I was going to ask what they were and then I read Laurens comment so I went straight to google.
    A word to other readers out there - Don't google Monkey balls......LOL

  7. I love to decorate with these! They are called Osage Orange and are also called Hedge Apples. They are supposed to keep spiders away, as someone already commented. We were at an Art Festival yesterday and there was a vendor selling dried herbs and flowers and stuff. They were selling these for $2.00 each. I prefer to get them off the side of the road myself!

  8. Okay...... I did a little post to clear up any "hedge apple" confusion. What a fabulous color, and they look so gorgeous on your table, Tammy! Thanks for yesterday's inspiration.