Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shadows & Shopping

The sun has been coming up later and later and going down earlier and earlier……

This is a picture of a full moon that I got at dusk when we were walking the dogs a few nights ago…..

I miss more daylight, but I love that there are more and better shadows in the fall .  I love the feel of the air….that crispness that carries right into the crunch of the leaves under your feet….the smells…..smoke starting to come from chimneys, the pungency of the leaves being raked….mmmmmm…..I love autumn!

When I got up yesterday, the sun was just coming up and as I went into the entryway I noticed this beautiful design on the wall….

We have a piece of stained glass in our front door and it  cast the most wonderful design……almost as if I were underwater.

I worked on de-cluttering my rug hooking room for a while and decided to pull this rug out and work on it’s repairs.  It normally resides in our entryway and over the year it’s had pet accidents (pee, dogs scratching at it before they lie down on it, etc),  people wiping their feet when they come in.  It really gets a lot of abuse…..more so than any of my other rugs and of course the background color is light.  The GOOD thing is, it’s taught me that the rugs I make are really durable…..this one has even been through the washing machine.

I’ve pulled out the “bad loops” and have found some wools that are a close match and I’ve started on the repairs, so I can get it back to it’s normal spot in our home.  I need it there now that the grass is more damp outside and no, it really doesn’t wig me out when people wipe their feet on it.  I live in a LIVEABLE home.

Of course I had to put it down for a bit to go and buy some special mortar for the tile that starts going in this morning and our Lowe’s is right next to Target, so I went in and tried on “the dress”……it SO DID NOT WORK on my body type (I like to blame the dress…..not my body), but then I just HAD to try on other things which led to an alternate outfit to go with the new boots.

Target was having some great sales and I ended up getting the skinny jeans and (3) of the Western shirts in 3 different prints for $56 and that was including the sales tax! I was stoked!

I’ve become a bit addicted to Polyvore ……that is the site where you can make up all of these clothing ensembles…..hey, a girl can dream!  I think you can also do the same with home design….I’m off to check that out next!  By the way, I don’t think I’d ever be able to shell out over $2,000 for a bag! However, the necklace is only $11….that’s my kind of price!

Shiri Suede Over the Knee Boot
$168 -
Suede boots »

$2,295 -
Vintage shoulder bag »

Bird Stud Earrings
$70 -
Stud earrings »

Vintage Charm Necklace
$11 -
Necklaces »

Adea cotton scarf army
399 DKK -
Cotton scarves »


Samantha has been adopted!  I hope this is her forever home!

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  1. Tammy, your old rug will look great again. It's wonderful that you can restore damaged rugs like a pro. I always wondered if hookers kept extra wool to repair their rugs especially if they have cats or dogs as house pets. Looking forward to seeing the results. JB