Sunday, September 12, 2010

Smooth move

My new furniture arrived yesterday and I’ve moved it this way and that several times…..still not sure exactly WHERE it will all end up, but it is fun playing around with new possibilities.

These little things make moving stuff SO MUCH EASIER!

I looked ALL OVER the net to find a source for these and the only place that I can find them at is at Home Depot, that is where I got mine.  If you have hardwoods, those little fuzzy sock thingies that go on over the plastic are sheer genius! If you have a Home Depot, these are worth the $8 for a set of 4….now you can rearrange your heavy furniture whenever you feel like it without having to have someone help you! Click on the picture to go to the Home Depot page where these are at if you don’t have one near you.

Okay, so enough for my personal recommendations on the AMAZING furniture sliders…..

Here is the new furniture…..sofa and chair.  The sofa is a “party sofa”….peeps can sit on the side and on the back as well as on the sofa.  The chair has a nice little granite piece where you can sit your drink…..loving that!

Needless to say, this will be a work in progress for a while, but I’m loving playing around with how I want things to look when it’s complete.





Can’t wait for the tile to go in!


  1. Looks great. Have you decided to switch out your dining room chairs?

  2. Good work. I like reading the notes. Karmen

  3. It's great that you got your beautiful party leather sofa all set up so the dogs no longer feel like they are missing out on life. I was wondering if they both lay on it while you and Kenny have to sit on the arm rest or on the back while they're sleeping. Lol. It's starting to come all together very nicely. JB

  4. I know a great rug hooker, Kenny might talk into hooking him a rug. hehe

  5. April, Still haven't decided on the dining room chairs....kind of thinking of metal chairs for the sides and shell chairs for the ends.....for the shell chairs I'm thinking red.....first I have to find a home for the chairs I have!

  6. Julia, so far, the dogs have not been on the new sofa, but I have a quilt over it while I'm away from the house....just in case :) Yes, I can totally see Cleopatra and Lonnie reclining on the "party sofa" with me and Kenny sitting on the back or sides :)

  7. Vicki,
    Would love to hook a big rug for that room, but at the rate I'm going on my current rugs, it might be a while!

  8. I was your comment "Need a big rug".......

    GIRL........hook faster. You already hook in a big fat cut!!!!! Hook a big fat rug!!!! Your special touch!