Saturday, September 18, 2010

Boot Envy

I have to say I LOVE Alexis Stewart’s outfit, the dress, the over the knee boots……love, Love, LOVE!  I just wish she would have stood up at least once during the show…..I’m thinking those boots are a MUST HAVE for my fall/winter wardrobe!


  1. ♫Those boots are made for walking ♪♪ Go for it Tammy, those boots would look good on you, you've got the legs for it. Me, I would cripple myself just trying them on. lol.. JB

  2. Those darling boots would go up to my waist!!!!!! Well, first I would have to figure a way to get them up over my fluffy thighs!!!!!!
    On Tammy ----- fagetaboutit!!!! She has those long legs...........Tam.............. could pull this look off........(or on). Grab a pair and be the envy of the neighborhood!!!!

  3. Wonderful Boots! I would love a hooking and dyeing session anytime you and Sheri are available!