Saturday, September 11, 2010


This is one of those mornings when I’m feeling a little OCD…..obsessive-compulsive!

Why can’t I just do a little bit of everything?  Why do I have to become so obsessed with just ONE thing?

Right now I’m obsessed with healthy eating and finding new great tasting healthy recipes as evidenced by these books I got at the library yesterday after work and working out.

I also got a book to read, just for reading sake…… “The Gin Closet”….will let you know how that is.

Also picked up “The Perfect Scoop”…..lots of unusual ice cream and gelato recipes…..mainly got this for Kenny, who is supportive of my healthy eating, but I told him he could pick out ANYTHING from this book and I would make it for him.

Not sure how healthy Nigella Lawson’s cookbook will be “Forever Summer”, but I love how passionate she is about food and I’m sure the recipes and pictures will be inspiring!  If you have a chance to watch her cooking shows, you will know what I’m talking about…..she’s TOTALLY inspirational!

I’ve just spent the past hour listening to one of Jillian Michaels podcasts that I found…..she has MANY podcasts, so I’m going to have to download them and listen to them when I’m on the treadmill or something, because I just can’t sit here at the computer and waste so much time like that.

By the weigh  way,

I hit my goal weight this morning!

I credit a lot of it to my self-discipline and a majority of it to Jillian Michaels….her approach to HEALTHY LIVING and EATING spoke to me!

You can find her podcasts at MediaFly

Here is the one that I listened to this morning. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. (it’s an hour long, but you could listen to just a little bit to see if it’s something your interested in).

Bear with me while I obsess about healthy eating, getting super-fit, and clearing clutter.

I haven’t added more items to eBay yet…..the shakers are not going for all that much on eBay, so I may put them in my Etsy store later this week, but hope to put some Rug Hooking “Celebrations” magazines in my eBay store soon.  I’ll let you know when that happens.

I am still rug hooking…..just not very frequently at the moment….I’m sure as the weather continues to get cooler, I will be hooking more and sharing more of that aspect with you here.

Have a great weekend,



  1. Congratulations Tammy on reaching your weight goal and I'm sure with your new eating habits and fitness exercises that you're feeling much better and that it now has become part of your daily routine. They say if you do something repetitively for three weeks it will become second nature to you.

    I think that you are more focused than compulsive.
    Here's to you new healthy habits. Have a great weekend JB

  2. Congratulations to you for hitting your goal.
    I looked into Jillian but I am much older than you all and she is to intense for me. Still learning Tai Chi. Good for the older set.
    These are some of my favorite cook books. Stop Dieting and lose weight by prevention magazine. Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for health. Meals that heal, prevention magazine.
    A great little book is Eat this and Live by Don Colbert, M.D.
    I've lost 12 lbs and feel fabulous.

  3. Tammy ~
    You can obsess all you want ~ it's your :)
    Congrats on reaching your goal weight. I sure can't say that, but I haven't been disciplined, either. Plus the older you get, the harder it gets....{big sigh!}.
    Pug hugs :)