Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What's new?!

I've started yet another little rug....I think this one will be a pillow...I'm seeing it with a piping that is red with pink or white polka dots on it. The pattern is from Rita's Rugs and is called "Fly Away Home". I tried to pick colors similar to some of those used in fabrics from Cath Kidston. I just love her bright, pretty summery colors!

I've also bought a few books......don't know what's gotten into me....maybe the fact that I've mastered doing the covered cording for the bindings on my rugs has made me feel that I might actually want to sew other things as well. I've purchased "Romantic Home Sewing"....most of the projects look totally do-able, but I've yet to start any of them.

Another book that was recommended by Carol at , where I teach rug hooking, is "Heartfelt". She has the book in the store and if you're interested, just let Carol know ....I don't think it's on the website yet. Most of it calls for felted knitted pieces of sweaters and such, but it should be totally do-able with wool. I know I'm always looking for more ideas of things to make with my wool stash!

The other book I've acquired is "The Abs Diet for Women"....yes summer is pretty much here and this seems like a great way to guide myself back into healthy eating. I've done this....along with cardio, weights and Pilates for one week and I'm happy to say I've lost 3 pounds. Can you say EXCITED?! Hope to be lying pool side in Vegas with my 6-pack abs in early August :)

Today, Kenny and I might be going to an auction...not sure about this yet, but if we do I hope to bring back pictures of the treasures we find!

Go forth and be creative,


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