Sunday, June 3, 2007

Basset Hound Days at the Park

This evening was the annual "Basset Hound Cookie Party" at Phelps Grove Park. There were probably 50 basset hounds....some in costume, some not. Even a basset hound pulling a little boy in a wagon!!! Big Truvy now thinks she needs one of for Cleopatra, she thinks she'd rather ride in it!
Here is Cleopatra in her ballerina costume that Kenny made for her. She thought she looked "pretty" and she had a little prance in her step. She totally loved all of the attention she got. We thought she was beautiful!

Big Truvy went as a wild flower. She liked her costume because it didn't slow her down and she thought it was her! Her petals were made out of the fabric left over from the binding on the Flower Girl rug and her leaves were made from left over wool from the Basketful rug.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Tammy....was Cleo singing, "I Feel Pretty" in her ballerina outfit??? And, Big Truvy as a wildflower...way too fun!

  2. oh my precious :)

    we have 3 bassets and I'm going to share your basset photos with my DH since, sigh, we would have a gabillion little bassets if he had his way :)

    (found your blog via Tonia's blog (Rabbit Hill Creations)

  3. What adorable pictures! We have a friend who breeds Basset Hounds and love seeing pictures of them.