Sunday, June 24, 2007

Simply Sunday

Ahhhhh Sunday! A great day for lying around!

Cleopatra prefers to lay on one of my hand-hooked rugs.

Ribs are being marinated and beans are being cooked....the perfect start to a Sunday afternoon!


  1. Ooohhh...yummy! That sounds real good, we have been grilling non-stop out here...too hot to cook indoors.

  2. Tammy, what color is the wall in the photo of Cleopatra laying on one of your rugs? I LOVE looks very similar to the color that my friend, Claire, has in her dining room...the color I matched my log cabin rug to! Cannot wait to do some painting (next year) at my house!

  3. Jacque, The wall has been the color for a few years now and I forget the name of the color....not sure it ever had a name....I think I used one of those color matching things to match it to a wallpaper that used to be in our kitchen. It's kind of an eggplant color, but not quite as deep as that. Everything in that room is pretty folk arty and who would think that weird color purple would work....but it does.