Saturday, June 16, 2007

Days in the sun

Imagine my delight when I went outside this afternoon and was greeted by these snowballs hanging in the top of the patio umbrella. How fun is that?!

Yes folks, my husband, Kenny, has been at it again....he truly is the king of the garden!! How lucky am I to have a man that is so creative in my life?!

This is one of our best friends, David. He is the owner of Savage Pilates Studio here in our hometown. Our dogs, Cleo and Truvy, refer to him as Uncle David....they get so excited when he comes over to visit. He is another person I'm lucky to know.

Wow! We've had soooo much rain this past week and the garden has just started laughing with's happy!!! Last week the pool had to have water let out of it 2-3 times to keep it from was crazy. Of course all of the rain and thunder made Cleopatra on edge most of the week....poor baby.

The plumeria is starting to bloom! So much prettier with the flowers on!

And the hibiscus is beautiful as well curled up like a little snail...just waiting to burst out in glory.

The cleome's are really taking off brightening up the back of the yard.

They make me think of powder puffs.....yup, really girly powder puffs...the things fantasies are made of.

The coneflowers are also putting on quite a show....they make the bees so happy! In the morning they are covered with bees gathering their pollen to make sweet honey.

The Gooseneck Loosestrife looks like little puffs of clouds for this froggy to land on! Or perhaps he's soaring above the clouds.

The side yard has gone absolutely wild!!! There is not even a path to walk through it now and I just love, so wild and carefree!

Who could be happier?! This is the view I get to see out of my studio window when I sit down at the sewing machine.
Go forth and be creative,
p.s. A big thanks to Kenny for all of his great photography :)

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