Friday, April 4, 2014

Not your everyday Ramen

I swore, after nuclear medicine school, I would never eat

Ramen again…..well, Kenny changed my mind last night.

He made this wonderful soup full of ramen, chicken, snow peas,

carrots, mushrooms and green onions…..

something he found on Pinterest and tweaked to his own likings.

You can find the inspiration recipe by clicking HERE.

Swimsuit season is coming up…..are you trying to change it up

and eat a little lighter to get ready for shorts and swimsuits?


  1. That looks pretty good actually! Once in a great while I have to admit, I have a pan of ramen noodles. Adding all the veggies would be such a nice treat, who knew!

  2. Don't think I could have made it through college if not for Ramen Noodles and still keep a pack or two in the cupboard. Was surprised when I learned my Mom had never heard of them but she reports that Dad seems to enjoy them. She also adds veggies with them, another way to use up left-overs.