Sunday, April 27, 2014

Going to the dogs


The weather here has been lovely, warm enough to get

those lily white legs out in the sun!

We’ve been taking advantage of the nice weather and the

dogs have been getting to go on walks through the

neighborhood and into the woods.

Below is a picture of our “neighborhood dog”….


This dog doesn’t belong to anyone, but a lot of people in

our neighborhood leave her food and water on their porches.

One house has a glider with a blanket that she stays on when

the weather is cold.  When we see her and walk by with our dogs,

we always say, “hi neighbor dog” and she just lifts her head in

acknowledgement as we go by.

Sweet dog, just prefers to be on her own.

She has even had a story written about her in our local newspaper

a few years ago.

You can read it HERE.

The wooded area where we walk is pretty and we enjoy it

as much as we can, because some day it will be torn down

and there will be a grocery store instead.

Just makes me sad to think about it.







A little video of Lonnie and Buzzbee playing with our friend’s

dog, Handsome. They think the pool cover is a trampoline!

Lonnie always has to make sure and “mother” dogs that

get too wet….always trying to “take care” of them!


  1. Tammy, you are so lucky to be able to wear shorts! It is still cold here -- the heat is on right now!

    LOVE your red moose mat! Stunning color, great design.

    That's a little goat on my blog -- I think its an angora. I love goats they are so very smart, and usually friendly.

    Enjoy the fine weather -- and send some my way!


    1. I will try to send the warm weather to other parts of the country where it is cold. Rainy and a little cooler here today....started out in shorts, but am going to have to put on long pants after all

  2. Send some warmer temps to Ohio, too. I worked an outdoor event for Pug Rescue today and I'm trying to thaw out next to my electric heater.
    Cute video. Ellie heard the barking and now won't stop.
    Hugs :)