Monday, September 3, 2012


One thing I’ve found from blogging and taking

pictures of my work is that sometimes you need to step

back from your work.

I think when we hook, we are so “up close” to our work that

sometimes it’s hard to really tell if things “look right” or not.



I’ve been obsessing on the area around Cleopatra’s

far eye and how it kind of blends in with the trees.

Once I’m finished hooking, I’ll go back and try to work

on that area to get it “right”.

However, for now, I’ve continued to hook.

I once had a teacher, Abby Vakay, who gave me the best


“Leave it there and let it “hold it’s place”….instead

of obsessing and hooking and re-hooking one little area, just

let it “hold it’s place” and go on and hook the rug, then come

back and see if you need to re-hook”

I’m telling you, this is some of the best advice!


Rather than spending gobs of time on that one area,

I’ve continued to hook and when I’m finished, I’ll

go back and work on that one small area.

Now that I stand back from the rug, I think I need to

lighten the color around her eye….originally, I thought

I would need to pull out the dark area of the trees…..




Here’s my gratuitous Lonnie pic of the day….

when the alarm goes off, he crawls over and lies on

top of me, just staring into my eyes….

It’s like he’s saying “you’re not REALLY going to

leave this comfy bed are you?”



  1. I agree with your teacher... she gave good advice. JB

  2. Tammy ~
    That is great advice. I agree with you that you need to lighten the area around the eye. Otherwise, it is fantastic!!!
    LOVE the pic of Lonnie.
    Happy holiday.
    Hugs :)

  3. Great advice...something that we should all remember...and which applies to more than rug hooking.

    You are doing a fabulous job on Cleopatra.

    Love the photo of happy that you have him.

  4. Tammy, you might try turning your photo of rug into black and white so you can see values better. I think the value of the eye in the rug is lighter in the picture than the rug. So it is blending with trees which are hooked in same value.

  5. Great advice I'll have to remember it when I start hooking. The summer has been so great that I have not picked it up once.
    I just love the rug. Keep going.