Sunday, September 23, 2012

Attaching covered cording to your rug

As promised here is the final installation of attaching covered

cording to your rug.

(my way)

I like to use upholstery thread or button and craft thread….something

that is a bit heavier and won’t break when you tug on it.

Starting from the back of the rug, I insert my threaded needle into the

back of a loop like this…..


When doing this, it lets the knot catch on

the wool and the wool holds the knot in place

like so…


Now that you have your knot, guide your

threaded needle through the backing, right up next

to your hooking like so…


Here you can see it coming up from the “right”

side of the rug…..


Now just bring your needle into the “ditch” of your



Now that the needle is through, I think you can see

the “ditch” more easily in this picture…


Now I’m just taking the needle, and going back

down through the front side of the ditch and bringing

it back through the backing…..again, you are going through

the wool and then in between the hooking and the backing,

but getting it as close to the hooking as possible.


Now just go over a few spaces and come back up through

your backing and into the ditch again…..

you just keep doing this over and over….


I take smaller stitches on the front side and longer stitches

on the back side….see how closely

the cording is up next to the rug?


Here is a picture from the back side.

I think it really helps to pinch your cording right up  next

to the hooking when you are sewing the cording on. Yes,

your hands might get a little tired, but it’s worth it and it

actually goes pretty fast once you get started.

Don’t forget to pull those stitches TIGHT!


Now you’ve made it all the way around the rug….and you need

to attach your cording together…..

you might need some little scissors or a seam ripper to take out a little

bit of the seamed cording.


(thought I might throw in this little picture

so you could see the “ditch” the yellow machine

stitched seam and my hand-stitches in the darker

upholstery thread)


Here you can see how closely the cording is sewn

to the rug…..


Above, I’m pulling the attached cording back from the rug….

folks, I’m telling you this is sewn up tightly next to the rug!


Okay, on with how to get the cording pieced together.

Like I said, you might have to rip out part of the seam of your

covered cording so you can see both ends of the cording.  Obviously the ends

are going to have to be cut down, so they will be able

to match up with each other.

Make sure you tape them with masking tape before you cut, to keep

the ends from fraying.



So after a little taping and snipping, here is what I have…..


They still don’t quite match up do they?

Let’s do a little more snipping……


AHA! They match up….now let’s tape that together

with a little more masking tape!


Now you might have to trim your wool on the cording a

little bit, you want one part lying inside of the other part.

Yeah, like I told you….I’m really technical…..

NOT! I’ll let the picture do the talking……


Now, you have to continue stitching just as you did

before, but you won’t have that sewn “ditch” to guide you…

you have to picture it in your mind and make it happen.

Use your fingers to pinch it and hold the fabric tight around

the cording and stitch into the ditch that your pinching






Questions anyone? Do you think you could do this on

your own now?


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your technique. Could you show a picture of the back now that it is done.


  2. Thanks, Tammy. One...of...these...days I will try it!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. I've got a few rugs I have done, fairly new hooker, that need to be finished and have now idea how. Could say I am self taught and need more "teaching". Thanks for the step by step pictures!

  4. What a great photo tutorial. Love it and thank you for taking the time to show us and instruct us. I think I could do it.

    Thanks girl!!!!!

  5. Love your doggie rug and all the great texture and I love a corded wool finish!

  6. Tammy,
    First time I have seen the finished rug of your beloved dog. What an outstanding job you did and love how you added the cordingg. One day, I might try it but right now I am not so handy with my fingers.
    Where do you place to showcase this work of art?

  7. Oh the rug is awesome! Thanks for showing us the technique. I have it filed. Now lets see this beauty displayed. Cheers