Sunday, September 2, 2012

Favorite spot

Do you have a favorite spot in your home to sit and hook?

Here is mine…..


I love to sit in this corner of the sofa, that has the

really wide arm, to place all of my “stuff”


This is what Kenny calls my PILE….

my mom would call it a “rat’s nest”…..

I call it lovely!

I’ve started adding in the dyed roving to make

the leaves on the trees.


I think I’m going to like it, but I need to hook more

of it in first…


I think this is a cute picture of Lonnie….

Lonnie LOVES pillows! The big white fluffy pillow

was leaning against the red pillows, but he got right

in there and moved it to where he could rest on it.


I also made a new dessert yesterday that I found on

Pinterest….it’s called “chocolate cobbler”.

You can find the recipe HERE

What I love about the recipe is that most of the ingredients

are usually things that you have in your pantry.

I tweaked it a bit and put some instant coffee (2tsp) into the

base and then used coffee to pour over the cake instead

of water….I like how it turned out, but I think it’s worth tweaking

just a bit more… time I think I will put walnuts in the base

mixture and add some bourbon to the coffee….

when I get it perfected I’ll share MY VERSION of the recipe with


If you do make the chocolate cobbler, I’ll tell you it’s a bit gooey

like pudding, but then a little crispy/cakey on the top…

I’m in love! I normally don’t have a sweet tooth, but here lately

I’ve been craving sweets like mad!


Also, I just checked on the dogs looking for homes

that I feature on my sidebar and Mo has found a home.

I swear, she looks like she could be a “dog model”

the photography of her was spectacular!


  1. Yeah for Mo!
    Chocolate cobbler sounds YUMMO!
    Happy holiday to you, Kenny and Lonnie.
    Hugs :)

  2. I also have a spot on the same corner of my sofa. However, you're much more organized than I am and I have more of a 'rats nest' than you.

    Oh but that chocolate cobbler looks delicious and tempting. Lucky you with your youth and metabolism that you can process it as I could at your age.

    Pretty pup does look like a model and lucky to have a furever family.


  3. Happiness is having a special space to hook. Being comfortable while hooking makes it so much more pleasant.

    Beautiful dogs, just gorgeous.

    That chocolate cobbler looks perfect. I too have a sweet tooth, but with diabetes my portions are very tiny, no fun at all.

    Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend Tammy.


  4. when coffee and chocolate is involved how could it go wrong yummm.
    I love how your rug is coming along such a great likeness.

  5. Now this was a great post. Hooking, chocolate and dogs. all my favourite things.
    Your hooking spot look cozy. the cobbler yummy and the dogs beautiful.