Thursday, August 30, 2012


I’m on a bit of an extended vacation!


Perhaps now I’ll have some time to get back to blogging

a bit.  Another long walk with Lonnie last night….

still a bit warm here, but promises of rain seem to be

perking everyone around here up just a bit.

I have a few pictures that I’ve taken lately of wildlife sightings.

The pictures are not the best, but I usually have my iPhone with

me, so I use what I have.

Below is a green backed heron that was sitting out amidst the lily

pads at the pond across from where I work.  We had one day (at work)

when we were really slow, so my boss suggested that we all go out

and take a walk around the pond.

I tried to get closer, for a better picture, but the bird flew away.


On Monday, I went to Elfindale Mansion and had a massage.

On the way out, we saw something run across the lawn…

a woodchuck!


Again, hard to see, he has such great camouflage that

he blends into the base of the tree….his little head

is peeping out of a drain pipe….can you see him?


Finally, Lonnie’s favorite form of wildlife…..a cat!

Lying in our front yard!


Watch below to see if he scares it off…..

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