Saturday, August 18, 2012

The little things


Yesterday evening, I took Lonnie for a walk.

We’ve been doing lots of walking and jogging, Lonnie and I.

Walking when it’s warmer and jogging when we’ve

had a cool snap.


I think that most of the day, while we are at

work, he just stays on our bed, looking out the window

for cats to bark at and watching for us to come home.



He’s been a bit lost without Cleopatra.

However, the minute you mention a walk, he perks up and

bucks around like a wild mustang.



Last night, he sat next to me, as I got down on my

belly to capture these enormous toadstools that had

popped up in a neighbors yard after a big rain.

It’s the little things.

Those surprise bits of beauty.

Wish I knew how to “photoshop”….I’d place us under

the toadstools and then they really WOULD look enormous!


Oh yeah, Just noticed that little Copper got adopted….

what a wonderful thing! Rejoicing!


  1. Those mushrooms are insane! They look too perfect to be real. I love your idea about photo shopping you and Lonnie under them. PS I love the photo of him looking out the window. He must miss Cleopatra terribly during the day while you're at work.

  2. There must be a little community living under those mushrooms..... imagine they all have long flowing white hair and beards....LOL!!
    I love the photo of Lonnie too.... a photo essay expressing the loss you folks are enduring. Blessings to you today and may each day find more "little things" to delight and bring a smile to your face!
    Cathy G

  3. If you think your dog watches out the window all day, I have to say I think you're wrong. We used to think that, then we put a camera on him. He sleeps ALLLLL day long. Pops awake when the garage door comes up and acts alert. Pathetic, lol