Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Just a few pictures from my “INSPIRATION” board

on Pinterest

and what I find inspiring about them.

This pictures of paint brushes inspires me to

want to get out

my art journaling book that I’ve abandoned

for quite some time.

This little patchwork horse makes me think

it would be awesome as a rug,

or a jumping off point to hook some sort of animal

in a bright patchwork style with

a softer watercolor-y looking background.

There is a tutorial HERE for how to make these

snappy rain boots for cheap….

makes me want to get cuted up

and splash in puddles this spring!

This nubby, scrubby pillow makes me wonder what fibers

I could use and achieve this look in rug hooking.

I love it’s earthy, organic look!

Another rug inspiration jumping off point….stark-dark

angular shapes played against

beautiful girly colors….

love that


If I ever get out my art journaling stuff,

I love the idea of writing about

myself in the shape of a fingerprint.

Would I get more done if my “to-do” list

looked more fun like this one does?

Hounds looking as chic as I know they really are!

Once I clear all the “junk and clutter”

out of the rug hooking room,

I think this would be way fun.

I already have a chalkboard door….

but a whole wall…..WOW!

Color for color’s sake!

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  1. Cute boots and I love the look of a chalkboard wall. I painted plain bi-fold closet doors with chalkboard paint a few years back. They are in our upstairs landing where we have the main computer. It's been fun thru the years to see what gets written on them. Fun stuff!

  2. Good heavens but you have a very artistic mind. I also love that horse as a hooked piece. It is always a wonderful experience perusing your blog. Thanks.


  3. Pinterest is so inspiring. I am hoping as I pin some of it will rub off on me...lol Great Stuff Tammy. and yes when I saw that horse I thought the same thing, it would make an awesome rug.