Sunday, January 22, 2012

Advances and aspirations

I must admit…..a week or so ago I tried to “slip” into my skinny jeans and I realized I wasn’t “slipping” into them….I was “Squeezing” into them!

A few too many holiday cocktails!

So, please forgive me if you see me posting more and more about food and exercise and less about

rug hooking.

Yesterday, I went to a 2-hour “yoga flow” at my local gym, and this morning I must say I’m a little sore.  It was one of those days where I was feeling good and pushing myself a bit to further my yoga practice.

I was excited to be able to get up into “wheel” and hold it for a bit.

I’m really going to try and focus on building my upper body strength, as that seems to be where most of my problems lie…..I can get up into wheel, but I have a hard time holding it because my arms get tired.

I was also able to get up into “bird of paradise” on both sides yesterday.

The Bird of Paradise Yoga Pose -- powered by ehow


I can get this far. (that would be the first picture with her leg bent)….perhaps one day I’ll be able to straighten that leg, but for now it’s fun to be able to do another bound pose.

I’ve also learned another binding pose that I can do regularly on both sides.

Here is another pose I’m trying to get to….another reason

to work on strengthening my arms and shoulders!

Crow pose


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful.
    You go girl. Make us proud!!!!!
    Love the crow pose!!!!! :-)

  2. you are an inspiration, my goal this year is to walk to the mail box...let's see as of Jan 20 I been there zero