Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yes, I know…..

….I’ve been lax in posting the pictures from the Boonville Hook-in.

However, after a needed “unplugged” period of time, I’m back and ready to share!

I arrived in Boonville and checked in at the charming “Hotel Frederick” in downtown Boonville, MO.  I must say the hotel was wonderful and the staff….even more wonderful.

The front desk clerk checked me in and helped me upstairs with my luggage and hooking paraphernalia.

My room was like me…quirky…it showed a love of history with a twist of modern.

When I arrived it was a little too late to do much in the downtown area, but too early to

eat supper, so I decided to check out the lounge (aka “the bar”)


Delicious cocktail creations were just waiting to be savored!

I ordered the Pear-Basil Martini…..I thought to myself, pear…a bit fall like, basil-a bit summer-ish….perfect for the beautiful warm autumn day….caught between fall and summer!

Waxing poetic about cocktails? Yes!

In the lounge they also had fresh oysters from the east coast as well as fresh Gulf shrimp that they have flown in once a week…..well, that just set my wheels turning.

Next, I had Jeremiah (the bartender extraordinaire)


whip me up an oyster shooter…..that would consist of an oyster in a shot glass with some pepper vodka, Worstershire and tobasco… was divine!

Then, Jeremiah had an idea…..wouldn’t it be fun to make up a martini

with the same type of flavor….”Genius!” I replied…..create one for me and I’ll let

you know what I think…..

Does this answer the question…..

DELISH! Yes, that’s an oyster, a shrimp and an olive on the skewer!

So, as you can tell, by this time, I really have my “party on”, but I’m

starting to teeter a bit, so I really need to get something to eat.

Just my luck, when I go into the café….

which, by the way, is SO MUCH MORE than

a café …I run into several rug hookers who let me sit at their table and break bread with them.

Fun night? Most definitely!

Delicious food? Blackened Redfish….spicy and delicious!

Afterwards, a few of us got together and hooked in the lobby for probably about an hour….

By now it’s getting late…..11pm? Something like that….I’m beat, so I

head up to my room and fall asleep so quickly….which is unusual for me if I’m away from home.

Most of the time when I stay somewhere new I don’t sleep well at all…..slept like an angel.

That is…..until 2:15 am, when I am awakened by this…..

Oh yeah! The hotel is situated near the river and railroad tracks…..there were trains going by

with whistles, helicopters flying overhead and THIS is what wakes me up…..

Okay, well when THIS wakes you up…..of course you can’t help but listen….I

swear it went on for 30-45 minutes…..let’s just say I’m glad the guy didn’t have the 4 hour Viagra!

Someone had a romantic weekend in Boonville!

Now, I swear…pictures of the hook-in tomorrow!


  1. You're crackin' me up, Tammy! Love the photos, love the story, love the all looks and sounds like fun was had!

  2. OMG Tammy!
    You have me rolling on the floor laughing!! Really though I'm sorry you were awakened at such an hour! I am still giggling .......
    That place looks so inviting and now we know it's romantic to boot! LOL!
    Where are the rugs..... ( Omg.... can't quit laughing.....)
    Cathy G

  3. Funny!! The martinis look divine! Great story!

  4. In Boonville --who knew!!!! Sounds like a great weekend (except for being awakened too early). Thanks for the encouraging words. I plan to get my life in order & get back to doing some things I love. Can't wait to see the pictures. Have a great Sun. Jan

  5. Tammy, that was quite the early wake up call. I can see why you couldn't get back to sleep with some hooker in the next room taking her hobby too seriously, ha,ha,ha. Thanks for sharing.

    I couldn't never handle drinking on an empty stomach, but with plenty of food, I can manage pretty good. JB

  6. Hi Tammy sounded like so much fun...thanks for sharing..

  7. So far, I'm enjoying your trip immensely!! Sounds like my kind of place ~ that little bar where Jeremiah worked his magic!! It's great to always have as much fun as you can ~ and you do, for sure!

  8. Tammy ~
    You sure do know how to have fun!!!
    Hugs :)

  9. Ace Jeremiah for sure! Those drinkee's looked fab!!!!!! I have oysters, shrimp and olives in the fridge and wodka in the freezer. Hummmmmmmm I'll have to play while Honey goes to Vegas this week.
    Have not seen that scene with Meg Ryan for awhile.......I laughed my a$$ off AGAIN over it. Like Cathy, I'm sitting here giggling.

    Love the new always were such a wallflower. Glad to see you have your blog-on again. LOL!!!!!