Saturday, November 19, 2011


… the recipes I tried last night.

Last night I was all jazzed because I was going to try a few new recipes that sounded really great and I took pics as I made them, because I thought they sounded fantastic……..

Well, the baked chicken parmesan was okay, I mean, it was okay….if you want to try it yourself you can go HERE to see the recipe.  Their recipe used chicken breasts, I used chicken tenderloins….I don’t think that is what made the difference… for me, I like the way “I” make chicken parmesan, even if I lightly pan fry my chicken.

I also made the coconut bars out of “Fat Witch Brownies” cookbook that Kenny brought home from the library.

OMG, they were sickening sweet…..I definitely couldn’t eat one as a BAR, but they are good if you just want a little sweet nibble with your coffee…..yes, I gave it a second chance this morning…..still too sweet.  If you’d like to see that recipe go HERE. Who knows, YOU might like them…..especially if you love coconut and you have a really sweet tooth.

As for good news, I have my window all fixed in my car and my driver’s license reprinted… to get a new cell phone…..yup, life is just about back to normal.

My bank sent me forms to dispute the charges that they were able to make on my debit card…..about $450 in about an hour…..all at gas stations.

Made me think, shouldn’t gas stations make you punch in your PIN number when you are using your debit card to get gas?  The police officer said this is where they usually head 1st after stealing someone’s credit/debit cards. Or at least have you punch in your zip code?

My bank sent me an ATM Dialogue that told what stations and what times they were using my card.  I sent that on to the police, so hopefully they will be able to go back and look at the security cameras and maybe piece something together and catch these peeps, before they hit too many other people.


  1. I often wonder why a person doesn't ALWAYS have to use their PIN. I would think it would make a huge difference.
    I'm glad your life is getting back to normal. That really sucks what happened to you!
    Hugs :)

  2. That's a lot of gas. This must be and organized gang of thieves. I sure hope that the police catches them. I'm sure that eventually they will get caught. I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. I'm glad that your getting things straighten out but still it's so unpleasant.

    Sorry about the recipes not being up to par. Taste is so individual and some people have no taste.
    Hugs, JB