Friday, November 18, 2011

Vegas on a train?

Last night I was totally whipped and went to bed at 8:30……slept like a baby.

Dreamed of being in Vegas,


except the entire time I was on a moving train…..weird….

Well, I thought it was weird until I realized that today is Friday, and

after today I’ll be on vacation for a week…..couldn’t come at a better


Can’t wait to get home tonight and try out two new recipes that I hope turn out

fab enough to share with you.

Baked chicken parmesan and coconut bars!

Enough of my pity party, on with the show!


  1. I'll bet you're ready for a vacation. Hope it's a great one. I've shared your break-in story with several people -- it really has made me change my ways. Also, thinking about starting to make shoulder bags so we don't have to carry those big ole handbags. Happy Friday -- dinner sounds great!!!

  2. Have a great vacation ....relax, enjoy and let all the troubles melt away....

  3. Well Tammy, you sure bounce back from your bad experience. I hope that your little vacation will recharge your batteries. Looking forward to hearing about the results of your new recipes. I'm sure that they will be yummy. JB

  4. It's not Vegas if you don't see the dancers. They're the symbol of entertainment and good time in Las Vegas.

  5. In the Las Vegas photo, there is a really pretty girl on the left! Is she anyone we know?!