Sunday, October 30, 2011

On the way to a hook-in

No, I’m not on the way to a hook-in, just got back.
Relaxing with a hot cuppa coffee, on my big computer….so much easier to blog
from than the iphone Smile
I thought I’d share some pics I took on my way up to Boonville, MO for the hook-in.
The trip from Springfield to Boonville takes about 3 hours, but when you stop
here and there and everywhere in between it takes much longer, but often the longer
road is the more interesting road……
This is somewhere in Missouri…..I headed off the highway and went down a few
country roads….it’s really beautiful this time of year….the trees making canopies over
the roads. Something about that just makes you able to breathe a little deeper, than driving
on the highway.

While I was driving I saw a sign for the historic towns of Blackwater and Arrow Rock.
I’d never visited either place, so I decided to check them out.
Blackwater is a sleepy little town with some quaint antique shops and super nice people running them, the people there were so friendly and so proud to tell you about their town.
I loved this little garden situated between some of the old buildings….reminded me of when
I visited Charleston, SC several years ago.

On the way to the downtown area of Blackwater, I saw a house with this
gnome home out front….I didn’t get a picture of it, but luckily
it is on the Blackwater website… fun!

I decided to move on to Arrow Rock….I’ve heard of Arrow Rock for years….
they used to have a workshop there that was run by Bobbie True who was a resident of the village.
I found one of the rugs she had hooked on Barb Carroll’s website….the date was her wedding date.

While I was in Arrow Rock, I stopped by their little post office and the
postmaster let me take pictures and told me that they were going to find out
in the next month whether or not their post office was going to be closed.
There are only 15 people who live in Arrow Rock village, but they have thousands of
visitors each year who purchase stamps while they are there and she is so proud of her
little old post office and has a wonderful collection of postal memorabilia.
Beautiful post office boxes…

A collection of stamps from when the postage used to be cancelled by hand…

This ceiling… die for….

Old mail satchels….

Kenny would give his eye teeth for a leather mail satchel like this one….

I also learned that this is where the 1973 version of “Tom Sawyer” was filmed.
This is the house where Becky Thatcher lived….

This is the greeter in one of the shops…..

Thanks for stopping by, tomorrow I’ll share about the hook-in….


  1. Loved all ther pictures! How beautiful! That little gnome treehouse is precious! Loved it.

    The picture of the kitty was so gorgeous. I am really missing Lucy Poosey, this time of year. This will be my first Halloween, without her, in 15 years!

    Great pix Tammy!

  2. Tammy ~
    Loved this post! I want to visit Arrow Rock. What a wonderful little town. Oh, I just love that greeter.
    Pug hugs :)