Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A big knitting project

Found this as I was surfing the web today.

I’ve knitted some scarves, but I can’t imagine taking on a project of this magnitude!


By the way, kind of surprised by how FEW people commented on yesterday’s post.

Did you click on the LINK to see the Beyond Rugs catalog from the Farnsworth Museum?

Maybe not that many of you are bored with traditional rug hooking like I am.

I thought this was a real eye-opener…….oh well……


  1. This video makes me wonder how people think!! I would never come up with something like that even in my wildest dreams!! The rug hooking photos from the Farnsworth are fabulous! And I'm with you ~ I want to expand my hooking ~ love using alternative fibers and learning new things! One of those rugs ~ the one showing the back of a man looking at the horizon was at Sauder one year!

  2. Wow Tammy, I've knitted scarves too in the past but that knitting project knocks my socks off. It must be an expensive scarf. It's amazing how far someone will go to create art.

    Sorry Tammy, I didn't clicked on the link yesterday .I thought that this was a joint project between you and Dulcy. Thanks for sharing this link with us.
    I'm surprised too that you didn't get much response on this post. JB

  3. This should be at Art Prize in Grand Rapidds, MI. Exactly the kind of stuff you see. I haven't been on in a few days to see what you've posted sorry. I will check it out though!

  4. Tammy,
    Both wonderful posts! I was gone yesterday to the Rug Exhibit at the Anderson Art Center in Redwing MN. Didn't get a chance to see your posts until today!
    I am wholeheartedly behind a movement to think beyond rug hooking and any art for that matter of what is being done by the masses. We need the stimulation, the vision to keep us creatively challenged. Possibilities are endless and it's exciting to see what is only a beginning of some things being done by creative people in our base of rug hooking enthusiasts!
    Keep on finding and sharing! Keep on encouraging people to share their thoughts as that is what fuels the energy to create!
    Cathy G

  5. I loved both of the links. The hooked rugs were very inspirational and the knitting one was over the top. I love it when people try something so wild!! Thanks for the links!!

  6. Tammy, I enjoyed this bizarre knitting experiment. Looks like quite a workout for the knitter! I had already seen the Beyond Rugs link elsewhere - that may have been why you didn't have as many clicks. It's a great exhibit though and very inspiring.

  7. Hi, Tammy. I did like the Seasons of The North Shore. The little folding "postcards" are really different. And
    the "tombstone" was really cool. I haven't been blogging as much.
    I was supposed to start knitting class tonight and I can't go due to my back problem. I can't imagine anything that large, I have yet to learn how to cast on!
    Warm Regards,